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Is in the air, finally! After the UKís wettest winter in around 100 years itís good to finally see the sun attempting to poke its head from behind the clouds, and hopefully this means those living in the towns, villages and countryside affecting by all the flooding can start to get their lives back some sort of normality. If you were one of the unfortunate people/families affected by the recent floods then I hope things are now getting back to normal and any damage suffered was not to severe.

Whilst watching some of the news coverage on television of the floods I saw a house where the owner had, what appeared to be, a rather lovely cabinet full of Royal Doulton figurines and this got me thinking, how many of us insure our collection adequately? If you donít have your collection valued and insured, either by its own policy, or specifically listed in your contents policy then maybe itís about time you did, as I must say that although porcelain Doulton figures might clean up after being submerged in water Iím not sure toy soldiers, particularly modern matte ones, would fare so well!

As we turn the corner into Spring we have plenty to look forward to, yes thereís (hopefully) the sunshine, but more importantly show season begins. By the time you are reading this the March show will be upon us (or already over depending on where in the world you live) and hot on its heels will be the BMMS annual show here in the UK and the MFCA and Texas shows in the US. All of these are ideal opportunities to get out of the house, go Ďplayí soldiers and most importantly meet your fellow collectors.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this issue and Iíll see you back here in two months!
All the best

Mark Avery

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