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decade, in the grand scheme of things, isnít really that long I suppose. I look back to my school days and they only seem like yesterday (yet frighteningly I left nearly 22 years ago), however in the world of publishing 10 years is technically a lifetime.

Magazines come and go, frequently, every year, even more so over the past decade due to the rapid growth of the internet, and in fact taking that as an example they also come and go with even more frequency (just look at the decline of My Space and the rise of Facebook in the past five years). Some magazines though do stand the test of time, funnily enough Time being a great example! Now admittedly TSC is not exactly Time but I like to think that for our hobby this magazine has proved its worth, become the preferred choice for most collectors and has always stayed true to the original Ďmission statementí Rob Hendrie, Ken Jackson and I set out to achieve, a magazine by toy soldier collectors for toy soldier collectors.

I am so pleased to have seen TSC go from strength to strength over the last 10 years and I must admit, looking back to the first discussions Rob, Ken and I had when thinking about starting this magazine, itís amazing to think of the adventure Iíve been on and how much Iíve learnt.

Lastly, and by no means least, Iíd like to personally thank every reader, advertiser, contributor and all the people from within the industry (both former and current) that have helped make this magazine a reality, long may it continue.

Anyway enjoy the issue and Iíll see you back here in two months for the next one, and more importantly hereís to the next decade!
All the best

Mark Avery

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