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Latest issue: June 2014/July 2014


The March show came and went in a flash and here I am writing the one and only issue that fits between that show and the next in June. As I look out of my office (aka spare bedroom) window, the sun is setting on the horizon, the leaves are appearing on our ancient oak tree and my thoughts are on the June show which is only five weeks away.

It’s funny - because the gap between March and June is quite small we’ve always had to cram everything from the March show (pretty much) into one issue, this one. This hasn’t usually been an issue, and certainly not for the past few years, as March traditionally has been the quieter show where less new figures are released by the manufacturers. Strangely though, this year we were absolutely inundated with new stuff at the March event, given output has been lower at most shows over the past few years, due to the slower economy. Does this sudden uplift at March mean the hobby’s on the increase again and those green shoots I spoke of last year are turning into saplings? Here’s hoping, and I guess we’ll see what June had to offer when we’re all back here in another couple of months!

With regards to this issue, well you can guess from what I’ve already said that it’s just a tad full, there’s some great features including a full overview of the March show, an interview with Gerard Prime, co-founder of Frontline Figures, and a detailed look at a new Russian-based kit figure producer as well as more reviews than I think we’ve ever done before, especially on painted metal figures!

As always, I hope you enjoy reading the next 70+ pages and I’ll see you back here in two months for the next one.
All the best

Mark Avery

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